I was born in Dayton, Ohio, in 1948. I spent my earliest years at Edwards Air Force base in California where I first developed an appreciation of high desert landscapes. My family eventually settled in Fort Worth, Texas. Iíve resided in Texas most of my life, and I currently reside in the Dallas area.

I became interested in photography while in my early twenties. Shortly thereafter I built my first darkroom and began to pursue photography in earnest. I soon immersed myself in the production of images and learning the art of photography. My hobby quickly became a profession.

I have been involved in commercial photography for the last thirty years. During all of this time I continued to pursue my personal work and practice the craft of photography.

Most of my Images are black and white landscapes, which I consider my true photographic passion. I work in black and white because of the nuances of texture and tone. The subtle qualities rendered by black and white capture the moment more expressively. Black and white images require a more emotional response from the viewer. The absence of color demands that the qualities of illumination and tone produce the emotional response instead of a response to color alone.

I work primarily with large format view cameras because of their ability to render detail. The view camera also allows me to control perspective and manage the image before exposure. I also work with a roll film camera. I have continued to use film primarily because I can use different formats for different applications and needs. However, I prefer to use digital technology for printing. The negatives are scanned and then printed using archival papers. I enjoy the marriage of traditional methods and digital technology.

Prints are available either framed or unframed. All prints are signed and titled. Please contact me for print sizes and pricing information.